Our 2017 Dates: Save these STUDENT EXPO dates: Its FREE Cradlestone Mall – JHB Roodepoort / Krugersdorp 10-11th of February Cape Gate - Cape Town 3 - 4th of March City View – Durban 24 - 25th of March The Glen Mall – JHB Oakdene / Glenvista 26-27th of May Forrest Hill City – JHB Centurion 28-29th of July 9:00AM to 3:00PM & Sat till 3:00PM

Our 2017 Dates:

Save these STUDENT EXPO dates: Its FREE

Cradlestone Mall – JHB Roodepoort / Krugersdorp  10-11th of February 

Cape Gate – Cape Town 3 – 4th of March 

City View – Durban 24 – 25th of March 

The Glen Mall – JHB Oakdene / Glenvista 26-27th of May 

Forrest Hill City – JHB Centurion  28-29th of July 

9:00AM to 3:00PM & Sat till 3:00PM

Media Coverage 2017


• We only targeting the affluent market of LSM 5-12

• Our aim is to further tertiary education to build a more powerful & successful nation of lawyers, doctors, engineers, commerce etc.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

• National, Regional and city focused print, digital and online media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

• Targeted campaign through Student magazines and website & student radio stations

• Magazines: Caxton for national & regional reach

• Significant PR activity

• As the only South African Student Expo, we are well placed to deliver a geographically targeted campaign

• We also work with key partners with Primelife

The student expo will give your brand the opportunity to connect with South African students (among others). This will enable you to forge and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between your organisation and scholars, students, graduates as well as parents

• The exhibition will reach over 1 million scholars, students and parents via the different venues. This provides sponsors with numerous promotional opportunities to reach the vast student market and the future industry professionals throughout the world

• The Student Expo will provide an opportunity to increase awareness of your organisation amongst your target market. You will also receive exposure through marketing and media coverage

• The Student Expo will provide a cost effective tool for estate agents, corporations, educational institutions, career companies, financial institutions, government entities, retail businesses, sporting business and other student supporters to establish a direct link with students and their parents.

• Your sponsorship grants you access to a prime market, promoting awareness of your products and services, strengthening brand identification and increasing product usage

Media Plan 2014

STUDENT EXPO produce high visibility for your company in the promotion of our event to the Student & High School Market

  • Direct mail – The digital brochures carrying your company logo will be mailed out to the target audience to over 100 000 subscribers. This will be done through several channels:

Through regular weekly newsletters and informational brochures from STUDENT EXPO to supporting organizations, associations, clubs, schools, supporters and other organized groups relayed on to their membership lists.

Through regular weekly newsletters and informational brochures from STUDENT EXPO to registered users and entrants to the competition who are on STUDENT EXPO’s database

Through regular weekly newsletters and informational brochures from STUDENT EXPO international representatives to email lists they have access to.

  • National awareness – Promotion of the Competition through tweets, posts, comments and viral content posted to the major Universities Schools & colleges national social networks will do two things. Your company logo and mentions of your company will be made regularly to associate you with the competition, festival and our industry. Such social networking will drive traffic to the STUDENT EXPO website where your logo, information and links will be prominently displayed.
  • National Campus & School Media Network – STUDENT EXPO is growing a network of national representatives who are tasked with actively promoting STUDENT EXPO, the competition and events, and building the market and participation in both. They do this through direct contact, direct mail, press releases and conferences with local and regional media, as well as through their own posting to social networks, commenting, and writing articles to regional and global blogs on all our future events calendars and internal intranet systems as well as through the intranet and radio
  • Press Releases – Regular press releases announcing sponsorships, updates and other news will be posted to the nationwide press driving traffic to the website where your logo, information and links will be prominently displayed. Business Press: Business Day, Finance Week, Financial mail Rapport, Saturday Star, Sunday Times, The Star
  • Radio & TV: We work together with all the Campus Radio Stations and National stations from Prime Media & Local Radio : KFM, Two OCEAN Vibe, Algoa, Heart, ECR Radio, Highveld Stereo, 5FM and many more TV: We looking at the educational channel & DSTV
  • Media Partners – Mentions, ads, logo and links to the STUDENT EXPO website are displayed on our online media partner websites for the period of the competition, judging and until after the expo. Advertisements will also be carried on some targeted third party websites.
  • Print Media – The Student Expo will have over 1000 top high schools in the country and to all the graduating students in high schools run throughout business, advertising and production targeted media in South Africa. Varsity Newsletters to Students, Parents  & scholars, In addition to flyers, billboards & street boards
  • Internet & SEO – The STUDENT EXPO website, www.student-expo.com is designed to optimize search engine ranking. From its launch it has consistently pulled top page placement on numerous important keyword searches.
  • Mall Advertising– Primelife  will be advertising our STUDENT EXPO in all the malls a month before the expo starts and you find hanging banners in every mall.Regular content, news, articles, keyword rich writing and growing in/outbound links in unison with our mail, social network, press and other efforts to drive global recognition, help to increase the SEO.
  • Press Relations – STUDENT EXPO will be working with a PR professional to create a campaign to promote and to manage the image of the STUDENT EXPO.
  • The Competition – STUDENT EXPO canters everything around a competition aimed at the national 360 degree student environment, which is one of the most networked, sophisticated, media and technology driven industries that exists.
  • The Student Expo– is a 2 day event that has an interactive stage where speakers from different industry will have a chance to speak about their company and the industry speakers will have a chance to meet people who are genuinely interested in their company or products and meet the right industry people and meet influential leaders. The two days will be filled with discussion panels, special events, as well as VIP networking opportunities, parties, luncheons. All this information will be actively and aggressively distributed and promoted in the months leading up to the event dates.The judges, speakers, and participants are chosen from among the top, globally recognized, creative and management experts in the industry.
  • Posters and notices – STUDENT EXPO and it’s national representatives will post printed posters to advertise and create awareness of the competition and event to universities, colleges, design and schools nationwide. They will be posted to all sorts of advertising groups, organizations and associations worldwide. It will be made available on the website for anyone to download and print. Sponsor and partner logos will be attached.