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Isn’t it time someone gave YOU answers?

17 Oct 12 | Event News

OK, so you’re nearly done with school. Which means you’ve spent years providing answers … to maths tests, biology tests, end-of-term exams and now matric. Isn’t it about time someone gave you some answers instead?

Like … what should I study at university? What career prospects open up when I get a degree? What subject choices open most doors when it’s time to get a job?

Should I be even looking at university? What are the other options? What are the entry prospects if I’m looking for a career in medicine, the law, accountancy or some other profession?

Or maybe you need answers on issues like student loans, student accommodation or buying the ‘wheels’ you need.

You’re young, but you’ve not got all the time in the world. Traipsing around gathering info – sometimes from dodgy sources – is nobody’s idea of a good time.

All the answers from one source, all in one hit would be good; especially if the info-providers really know their stuff.

Fat chance, right?

Wrong!! All the answers are waiting for you at the upcoming Student Expo. All the experts, all the info you are likely to need, all served up by more than 100 exhibitors, top corporates, the banks, the professions, the universities and the technikons.

If you want in-depth detail you can even sit in on daily seminars conducted by leading figures from various industries.

Want to learn more … like where, when and how to get there?

Check out or go to

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First Student Expo creates biggest gathering of SA’s young achievers

05 Oct 12 | Event News

For the first time in South Africa, students, graduates, matriculants and parents are being offered access to everything they need to know about courses, careers, campus life, loans, accommodation and transport – all under one roof at one time in the nation’s major regional centres.

The SA Student Expo – an Africa first for the organisers, Student Expo Ltd– promises to be the greatest gathering yet seen of young achievers, their parents and businesses wishing to reach out to this unique audience.

The Expo is being staged at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on November 24-25 before moving to Johannesburg’s Coca Cola Dome on November 23-24 and the Durban Exhibition Centre on December 5-6.

The unique event is expected to attract more than 20 000 students, said Heidi Garbade, director of the The Student Expo.

The Expo brings together more than 100 exhibitors, including major corporates, financial service providers, professional bodies, real estate firms, developers, motor dealers and tertiary institutions.

In addition, the exhibition programme features daily seminars addressed by speakers from various industries.

Heidi Garbade noted: “The SA Student Expo is a must-do, must-see experience for every pupil in Grades 9 to 12, every matriculant, student, recent graduate and parent. Those looking for information on university requirements, courses, degrees and career choices will find it all under one roof.

“The Expo also provides opportunities for the professions and leading employers to connect with high potential interns and recruits. Nothing like this has been seen in Africa before. Response is unprecedented.”

The Expo began as a plan to address a student accommodation shortfall by creating a touch-point for estate agents, developers, students and parents. Tertiary institutions and other service-providers then grabbed the chance for closer interaction with their target ‘demographic’.

Other needs rapidly emerged, including the needs of high school seniors.

The Expo therefore enables Grade 9 learners to identify appropriate subjects ahead of university entrance while Grade 10 – 11 learners can explore their higher education options and how to apply for a university place.

For matriculants, information is readily available on student loans, transport and accommodation.

“Demand is huge,” said Garbade. “Exhibitors want to ‘show and tell’. Top speakers from the medical, legal and accounting professions need a forum to reach out to the best and the brightest.

“Young people want to learn about options, campus life, careers and how-to skills like drafting a CV. Parents want to do what’s best and want all the information within easy reach.

“The SA Student Expo is the smart response to all these needs … all at one venue in good time for the next university year.”

If you are interested, visit the website:  Entrance is R50pp and can be purchased via webticket.